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Brilliant quality possessed MOUNTOYA packed with simple elegant, and served with care and hospitality MOUNTOYA, at the age of 25 years, MOUNTOYA issued packaging for the newest bottle sizes 330ml, 600ml and will soon pack 250ml, of all products with packaging plastic bottle without label, which is the first in Indonesia, even in the world. Besides being more environmentally friendly, is also a manifestation of our invitation to apply uncomplicated lifestyle, or what we call in our campaign “Live Simply”, through a new packaging look very simple.

First Without a Plastic Label

Since 2015 MOUNTOYA has created an innovation on its packaging into packaging that is simpler, fashionable and environmentally friendly because there is no plastic label on the bottle.

From Mount To You

From a spring in Mount Ciremai, Cipaniis Village, Kuningan, with a very high mineral content produced using high technology and modern so that the quality and cleanliness are maintained.

MOUNTOYA Mobile Apps

The MOUNTOYA Mobile application is available on the Play Store and the App Store. Customers can order Mountoya products through the application and will get points from transactions that can be exchanged for available vouchers.


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